Are Energy Drinks Healthy?

Over time, there has been accidents and even fatalities involving energy drinks. Because of this, there is now a notion about energy drinks being bad for you and causing side effects such as dizziness, restlessness, and shaking. But whether those incidents were caused by energy has not been proven. Regardless, of how much energy drinks had to do with those incidents you should know exact what you’re drinking. Here are some facts about energy drinks to help you determine there place in your lifestyle: Energy drinks act as stimulants by increasing physiological or nervous activity in the body. The top … Continue reading Are Energy Drinks Healthy?

Lacking Motivation?

Nutrition and fitness are ongoing processes. Days where you don’t feel like watching what you eat or working out are inevitable. However, what matters is how you make your come back. When you encounter these days, it is crucial that you pull through strong. You have to find it within yourself to stay motivated. This is a marathon not a sprint. Remember your goal. Keep going! Continue reading Lacking Motivation?

Should You Start Bulking or Cutting?

To know what to do you have know where you are and where you want to go. Assess what body type you have and it’s current condition. Next, decide what you want to look like. Is your future body a short term goal or a long term goal? If it’s a long term goal create short term goals that lead to your long term goal. After answering these questions you can then move on to a meal plan, fitness plan, and putting things into action. The first step is always the hardest but once you get going it’s only better … Continue reading Should You Start Bulking or Cutting?

Everyday Tips To Losing Weight

Often losing weight is spoken about in very idealistic ways. People are given general information but lack know how when it comes to applying it. Here are a few practical ways of losing weight. 1.Don’t drink your calories Drinking soda or artificial juice is the worst way to waste calories. These calories are empty meaning they provide you zero nutrients. Drink water and utilize food to consume your calories. 2.Eat real food Just as there are artificial juices there are artificial foods. They are also a waste and will only set you back. Not only do you have to eat food … Continue reading Everyday Tips To Losing Weight

How To Help Your Children Eat Healthy

1.Start early The earlier you start the better. The longer you wait means the longer your child will lead a unhealthy lifestyle. Start your children off understanding the importance of nutrition and they’re likely to carry it over into their adulthood. 2. Do it gradually The worst way to make this change is to abruptly take away their favorite foods. Start small so the transition can be smooth. When they ask for snacks, substitute artificially sweetened foods for naturally sweetened foods and substitute juice with infused water.  The change will be easier for the both of you as this is a … Continue reading How To Help Your Children Eat Healthy

How To Quit Late Night Snacking

Late night snacking is a problem for most. This may be an issue as of now but this is an easy fix. Tips to quit late night snacking: 1. Set a time to have your last meal Having a scheduled dinner is principal when cutting out snacks. The time you set should be fitting to your schedule and something sustainable in the long run.  Ideally, 7 P.M  is the latest your dinner should be. Make sure your last meal is well balanced and satisfying. Over time your body will become accustomed to digesting your daily intake earlier. 2. Rethink your … Continue reading How To Quit Late Night Snacking

Counting Macros for Beginners

Whether gaining, losing, or maintaining your weight nutrition should be your top priority. As a beginner, paying attention to what you eat may seem overwhelming as nutrition can be complicated. However, if you look at nutrition in broader terms it makes nutrition more practical. Here are tips to manage your nutrition: What are macros? Macronutrients are carbohydrates ,protein ,and fats. These three things are essential to maintain your basic bodily functions. How to measure? On the nutrition facts, a serving size is provided. Before consuming measure out the serving size and record the measurement of each macro. At the end … Continue reading Counting Macros for Beginners