How To Help Your Children Eat Healthy

1.Start early

The earlier you start the better. The longer you wait means the longer your child will lead a unhealthy lifestyle. Start your children off understanding the importance of nutrition and they’re likely to carry it over into their adulthood.

2. Do it gradually

The worst way to make this change is to abruptly take away their favorite foods. Start small so the transition can be smooth. When they ask for snacks, substitute artificially sweetened foods for naturally sweetened foods and substitute juice with infused water.  The change will be easier for the both of you as this is a change in your life as well.

3.Make it fun!

When preparing your child’s meals make it an exciting time of the day. Use varying bright colors of healthy food to fill their plates. Your excitement for healthy meals will be contagious.

4.You’re the adult

You’re the adult meaning you are the responsible one. Your children’s health has to be your priority before its theirs. Seeing how important it is to you will eventually spread to their genuine interest.


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