Counting Macros for Beginners

Whether gaining, losing, or maintaining your weight nutrition should be your top priority. As a beginner, paying attention to what you eat may seem overwhelming as nutrition can be complicated. However, if you look at nutrition in broader terms it makes nutrition more practical. Here are tips to manage your nutrition:

What are macros?

Macronutrients are carbohydrates ,protein ,and fats. These three things are essential to maintain your basic bodily functions.

How to measure?

On the nutrition facts, a serving size is provided. Before consuming measure out the serving size and record the measurement of each macro. At the end of the day, take the sum all your intake. If you’ve met the correct macro ratio you will be on target to hit your goal.

What’s the right macro ratio for you?

Your macro ratio depends on several factors. These factors include your starting weight, daily activity, and what your goal is. There are several macro calculators online that will  create your ratio specifically for you.

Moving forward

Consistency is key. The change in your body will be noticed over time. While adjusting to this change remember that essentially your weight will be manipulated by variation in caloric intake. But for your overall health it is what those calories contain that takes your further. That’s what really matters.


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